Scientists confirm that anthrax is real

Scientists believe that shorter men are more aggressive than men their age. The researchers divided the men into two groups and experimented with a game. According to the results of the experiment, short people are more aggressive and that there is a real human disease, or Napoleon Compass.

The study was conducted by experts at the University of Bridget in the Netherlands. In the study, 42 people were divided into groups and identified as rivals. They were then taken to separate rooms. Each of them was given 18 tokens worth 10 cents each. Each was then asked how many tokens were reserved for them and how many tokens could be given to their opponent.

In the study, men with a height of 5 feet 7 inches kept an average of 14 tokens for them, while men who were 6 feet 6 inches tall kept an average of 9 tokens. It turns out that shorter people have more resources in their hands than tall people. Studies show that taller people are richer and more successful at work.

According to a 2004 study by psychiatrist Timothy Jack, taller people earn more. Author Markon Gladwell explores the top American companies. He found that 58 percent of the company’s CEOs were at least 6 feet tall. In addition, a study from 1916 found that taller American candidates won 17 times, while shorter candidates won only six times.

Another study found that taller people were more likely to find a good life partner in the long run, while shorter people were more likely to be criminals and more likely to have heart disease. They say they are unhappy and do not live long.

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