Tokyo Video Game Bar opens in Japan

Japan is for cosplay, It is a very famous country when it comes to games. In addition, Japan, The Akihabara area in downtown Tokyo is also a favorite spot for gamers. This is because many streets in the Akihabara area are home to electronic shops, This is because it is full of game accessories stores. Now, the Akihabara neighborhood is another reason for its popularity. According to Geek Culture, the Tokyo Video Games Bar recently opened in the Akihabara area.

The bar has only recently opened, but has become a popular Nirvana for many gamers. This is because the Tokyo Video Games Bar is home to some of the most popular game consoles of the past. Most of these consoles are from game companies from the past, such as Sega, Arc System Works, SNK, City Connection, G-Mode, Paon DP, Dotemu SAS, and many game accessories.

In addition, everyone who visits the bar will be able to play the game consoles for free as long as they order food and drinks from the bar. At the same time, it is worth a visit to the bar. Because no matter how much money you have, you can no longer buy these consoles in the outside world. The bar also has game accessories related to these games. Games-related memorabilia; Cup It also sells human accessories such as keychains, so you can buy souvenirs.

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