Wukong is a game that will be released in three sequels

On August 20, China-based Game Science released a new game called Black Myth: Wukong. The 13-minute trailer for the Wukong game was viewed by more than 10 million people in 24 hours and was very popular with gamers. And the uniqueness of this game is that the graphics are very good.

Feng Ji, one of the founders of Game Science, said that the game will take a long time to be released, and that if it is released, it will not be released on a single album, but on three discs at the same time. Most of the time, most of the game discs came out as a single disc, and this disc is the most popular discoverer among gamers. Therefore, Wukong will be released in three discs at the same time, which is quite strange and a bit adventurous.

“We want gamers to get a better taste of the game, rather than risking the release of three discs at the same time,” he said. All three discs will be completed within the next three years from the release of the game trailer. And in this game, there are more than 100 different enemies. Places Wukong’s different attacks; We have included completely obsolete models, such as the Wukong Transformation. We are trying to make the best game disc for the fans, ”said Feng Ji.

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