NASA has discovered a planet believed to be the New Earth

Two NASA interns and an astronaut have discovered a new planet using NASA’s Kepler telescope. Named K2-288Bb, the planet is about twice the size of our planet. The Earth-like planet resides in a galaxy outside the solar system, raising questions about whether it could live on Earth.

The planet is part of the constellation Taurus and is 226 light-years from Earth, making it inaccessible to life on Earth. NASA speculates that the planet may be composed of rock or a gas-covered planet like Neptune.

“The discovery of a planet of this size and orbit outside the solar system is remarkable.” A student at the University of Chicago wrote about the planet K2-288Bb in The Astronomical Journal.

K2-288Bb is located in the constellation K2-288, which is made up of two major stars 5.1 billion miles apart. The distance between the two stars is six times the distance between Saturn and the Sun. Of the two stars, the brightest star is about half the size of the sun, and the other is about a third the size of the sun. K2-288Bb orbits a darker star every 31 days for a week.

The planet was first discovered in 2017 by Kepler’s K2 mission record. Two NASA interns, Feinstein Bristow; It was discovered by Makennah Bristow and astronaut Joshua Schlieder. Data from the fourth campaign of Kepler’s K2 mission revealed that K2-288Bb had twice been spotted orbiting a star. The third discovery was not included in the records, but scientists have not been able to document the planet. In May 2017, for the third time, K2-288Bb orbited the star. According to the Dailymail, NASA is now continuing to study the planet.

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