A cat from Taiwan who first went shopping at the store

A social media user has taken her adorable orange cat Ga Mei to a store to pick up cat food packages, according to asiaone. Ga Mei has just arrived at the store. Ga Mei’s mistress Chen Hsin-ling wears an ID card around Ga Mei’s neck. This allows the store to verify the cat’s information on the item.

Chen has Ga Mei and a cat named Brownie. Chen brought two of his abandoned cats because he wanted to breed them. When I first brought it, Ga Mei weighed only 300 grams. It was only when Chen took good care of him that he became such a big animal.

Chen gives her cats their own ID cards. Chen brought Ga Mei to pick up the package ordered in his name. The store clerk checked Ga Mei’s cat ID card and the last three cell phone numbers he had ordered from them. Ga Mei’s ID was immediately checked and the package was unpacked when it was confirmed. Ga Mei is the youngest of Chen’s two cats. But he grew up eating a lot of food. Ga Mei now weighs twice as much as his brother Brownie. Sometimes while his master Chen was teaching his students to play the piano, Ga Mei would sit next to him and wait for him to eat. Sometimes I even fell asleep waiting for the bread.

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