A hotel in Sweden for a quiet and lighthouse experience

The island, once home to lighthouses near the Swedish coast, has become a resort hotel, insider reports say. The island’s lighthouse is 150 years old. The hotel is called Pater Noster. The hotel can be reached by boat or boat. You can go by helicopter.

Named the Pater Noster, it is said that when sailors came from the sea and crossed the island, they recited the Buddha to avoid the rocks around the island. That is why Pater Noster literally means “prayer” in Latin.

Between 1868 and 1977, lighthouse guards and their families lived on the island and guided ships passing through the sea. Now, with the help of Swedish architectural studio Stylt, visitors can stay at Pater Noster and enjoy the experience of a lighthouse keeper.

The new hotel has a main building with eight double bedrooms. The dining room and coffee shop are separate from the main hall. For those who want to sleep while looking at the stars, there is a bedroom that can sleep in the open air. If the weather is nice at night, you will see a small lighthouse on the Danish side of the ocean. 

Accommodation at the hotel costs $ 560 per person per night. This includes a round-trip boat trip to the hotel and a breakfast plan. Breakfast includes homemade fresh bread and pastries. Lots of jam and bread.Guests can go fishing in the sea and cook fresh seafood such as shrimps at the hotel.

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