Men who pose for a photo with a cat are less attractive

Cats, like cats, are always flirting with humans and are not always lazy. According to CNN, men who are often hugging cats are not attractive to many women, and many of these men are not interested.

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It was discovered by a University of Colorado student. Researchers at the University have been looking at a sample of boys that most women find appealing, as they have been doing research for years. The women were given two photos of the boy to choose the model they liked. One is a picture of a man taking a picture of it, while the other is a picture of a man holding a pet.

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Most women reject a photo of a man holding a cat out of a photo of him holding a pet. “Most girls love cats,” she said. But when a man is photographed holding a cat, he is not attractive. I’m not masculine. Even cats can be defined. And in dating applications, most women don’t want to date men who often take a picture of a cat holding a cat in the other man’s profile picture, ”said a Colorado University researcher.

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